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Hello again, neighbors.

I have simple and sad news: Things are bad. The spread of Covid-19 is worse than ever - here and across the whole country. The slope of the line means it's going to get much worse over at least the next few weeks. Many many hospital systems are going to be overwhelmed. Ours in Seattle still has better-than-average capacity, but I can't predict whether it will be enough.

Protect yourselves. Wear a mask. Use grocery pickup. As much as you possibly can, avoid all indoor gatherings of any kind and stay away from crowds outside. (This is my advice, not the current legal requirements.) Remember, anyone you see likely sees other people. Don't breathe "used" indoor air (pretend everyone is breathing out toxic smoke). Keep washing your hands after contacting public surfaces. Use video calls in lieu of holiday gatherings, to protect yourself and your dearest loved ones.

Our neighborhood has been relatively sheltered and privileged so far, compared to most. That comparative fortune will likely continue, but we won't be unscathed. If you've had a Covid-19 case in your household or the houses next to yours at any time, would you please just hit 'reply' and let me know?

In our two census tracts (14 and 16), at least 30% of residents have taken a test for the virus at some point, with positive results being about 2% of those (compared to 3.4% cumulatively for Seattle). The two dozen deaths in our zip code have been in other nearby neighborhoods. I presume that everyone has had their support systems in place for months, but if yours breaks down and you don't know what else to do, let me know - you can respond to this email or call the phone number down below.
My best wishes go out to all of you during this hard and strange winter. Stay (virtually) connected to your favorite humans and love each other well.

Peace and good fortune to you,

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