Neighborhood Chat

We use a popular chat app called Slack to create our own private neighbor-to-neighbor communication space. It's a very nice app on your smartphone or computer, or you can use it from any web browser. You can configure your settings to notify you of messages in real time (like texting), or check it on your own schedule (like discussion/bulletin boards). There are multiple channels (a.k.a. chat rooms) to be "in" or "out" of as you please.

You might want to participate here to:

  • Get to know your neighbors in the #introductions channel
  • Contribute a newsletter item in the #news channel
  • Volunteer to support your neighbors in the #organizing channel
  • Ask for an egg, or to borrow a wheelbarrow, in #other-stuff

And if the whole concept is not your cup of tea... just ignore the Slack invite! You can get the email newsletter or call the community phone hotline without any chatting required.

Click here to join!

(TODO: Add some Slack tips for configuring notifications, profiles, etc.) You can also pop into #slack-help in the chat, or email with any questions.