Building links of human connection
in a time of risk and uncertainty

We're all in this together, geographically! Let's serve and protect our neighbors in vulnerable demographics, share difficult-to-find supplies, and encourage one another. We can help each other minimize risk and stay safe, which helps all of us. Let's pull together as a community, build neighborly connections and support our little slice of Seattle as we deal with the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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What is it?

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 Chat App

Use our private Slack chat serves as the neighbor-to-neighbor communication hub for getting to know each other and organizing NCH activity.

 Community Hotline

Dial the hotline if your neighbors could help you with anything! Volunteers will respond to your voicemail message.

 ...what else?

If you have an idea, share it! We'll figure out what's most useful as we experiment.

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Who belongs? Where is it?

North Crown Hill is currently defined as the addresses on or inside the area bounded by these streets:

  • West: Mary Ave NW (includes both sides)
  • North: NW 105th St (street boundary)
  • East: 8th Ave NW, Alderbrook Pl NW (includes both sides)
  • South: NW 100th Ave (street boundary)

This encompassess about 350 households in total. Blue Ridge to the west and north, Piper's Creek on the east.

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