Test, test... is this thing on?

www.northcrownhill.com is live, and thanks for answering your door this weekend!  I knocked on about 60 doors and found 25 of you so far. This is my first email update - you'll notice it's from Mailchimp, so it's easy to unsubscribe if you get tired of hearing from me. As for what's next:

Your information is safe

I want you to know that I will not be sharing your email address, or any other contact info, with anyone without affirmative consent. You will control what information you share, and to whom.  (I think "organizers", "block", and "neighborhood" will be the levels.) Thanks for trusting me so far, and you can find a bit more on my background here.

Slack chat invites

Look for an email (hopefully a couple minutes after this one) titled "James has invited you to join a Slack workspace".  Slack is a desktop-and-mobile chat application, and our "workspace" is private to just the people with invitations to make accounts.  There are two reasons you might want to join me there:

  1. You want to get involved in helping others
  2. You could use some social solidarity!

I hope to see you there - I definitely can't do much alone.

Notes: Slack has a pretty good onboarding flow, but if you need any tech support, just ask! When you get in, for your profile, feel free to just use your first name - I can't think of anything that we need to do that benefits from adding all of our last names.  Please DO consider adding your house number and street in the "What I do" field - if you feel comfortable doing so, this can help folks know who's near them!

Survey soon

I'm designing a survey to ask you:
  • What contact info you'd like to share, with whom
  • How Covid-19 is impacting your household
I'll try to keep it short. If you have ideas on what would be useful... find me in Slack chat! Look for that in my next newsletter, probably in 3-4 days.

That's all for now, folks.  Don't be a stranger: I think you can just hit "reply" to this email, or email me directly at north.crown.hill@gmail.com with any questions.